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Microdermal Piercing – The Amazing Models For Awesome Look

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Microdermal Piercings also called as the Dermal Piercings or the Single Point Piercing that is punctured on the surface of body. The stylish microdermal piercing could be placed anywhere literally that give a unique look compared to ordinary body piercings. Do you like to have the amazing stylish look

5 Splendid Anti-Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry and Buying Guide

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Anti-eyebrow piercing is considered to be an unconventional mean of surface body piercing that typically involves small surface bar and is usually placed exactly right above the checkbone and beneath the lower orbit of eye. Anti-eyebrow piercing is also known as upper check piercings, teardrops, tears, crows feet and

5 Glossy Selection of Captivating Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

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Eyebrow piercing is absolutely a popular of all other body piercing. It is very stylish and attractive and takes several forms, based on the jewelry you choose. Both the genders can enjoy getting a beautiful eyebrow piercing with a captivating Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry. Eyebrow piercing is a specific and

Everything About Anti Eyebrow Piercing

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Beauty spots have had a special place in the glamour world, for many celebrities have donned such spots on their faces. Some have even gone to the extent of faking such spots by creating them with a pencil or any tool possible. Then why shall we not try and