10 Different Styles of Gothic Piercings

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Goths are easy enough to distinguish due to their overall distinct style of dressing and this applies to their piercings too. What this means is that the gothic style of piercings are not different by themselves, but they way they look sure is. But that is the way most things based on the Gothic theme.

To be truthful Gothic style is something that tends to stand out and this means that piercings on the whole come under this purview. Plus once you are a Goth, anything that you have on will be considered Gothic. So here go some really striking examples of Gothic piercings, defined by the way they enhance the overall Gothic look and not take in isolation.

Piercing on the lip:

This is a good example of what we are talking about; a Gothic woman sporting a lip piercing makes it a gothic piercing rather than the type of piercing that it is. But then the increased number of piercing on al lip does promote it to the gothic level.

gothic piercing

Huge Gothic Nose Piercing:

This one is almost verging on the grotesque and the size of the stud that is below the nose and emerging out of the mouth puts it firmly in the Goth category

gothic piercing (2)

Dragon shaped Gothic ear pierce:

This one is such a great piece of work in artistic terms that you cannot miss it. Plus it drapes along the line of the ear and lobe to make it really awesome.

gothic piercing (3)

Eye and nose gothic piercing:

This is an astounding row of piercings around the eyes with many of them right in the hairy part of the eyebrows.  But on the other hand you really need good lighting to spot all of the piercings in the collection that are around the eye and nose area.

gothic piercing (1)

Facial Gothic Piercing:

These are something that work in conjunction with each other if you have been careful about how you design the placement of each piercing. The trick is to make it look as if it is flowing rather than make it look random. You need to get the piercings in an order that adds to the overall symmetry.

gothic piercing (4)

Gothic Facial Piercings:

This one is a more subtle version of the more intense version that we have mentioned above. If you are looking for a subtler (if there is such a thing) take on the gothic theme, you can go with a milder and less intense pattern of piercings.

gothic piercing (5)

Lip and mouth Gothic piercings:

You can see that the placement and pattern in such piercings can be really wild and swing between the most subtle to the most obvious. But then it all comes down to what you like and what you want the end result to look like. You can make it go with the total and complete gothic look but sometimes going a little overboard can cause problems in your life.  But we guess that really is not a point of consideration with the gothic style of dressing.

gothic piercing (9)

Gothic Corset style of piercing on the arm:

This one is quite an extreme look and seems to be quite a painful undertaking. But since the end result would look stunning we can understand why one would go with this style of piercing on the arm

gothic piercing (6)

gothic piercing (7)

gothic piercing (8)
We can surely conclude that gothic piercings are not that different from the normal style of piercings. Instead of one solid style it tends to swing between the most extreme to the most subtle of designs. The thing is a Goth getting pierced would be considered a gothic piercing since they always do things for shock value.

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